Your Testimonials

Astrid, 15 years, 2 months in an AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL.

«lt is great, great, great!»


Parents of Marie, 13 years, 3 weeks in IRELAND.

«This family really got involved in all fields: going out, walking, English improvement, gift making, human contact…»


Sébastien, 16 years, 3 weeks in IRELAND.

«I’ve been a real member of my host family for 3 weeks.»


Sent by parents, whose son Brieuc, 15 years, spent 2 weeks in IRELAND.

«We have received 2 very enthusiastic messages! We are so happy that we pushed him to go to Ireland even though he was not really excited before leaving …»


Antoinette, local representative in IRELAND.

«Everyday, the children are getting better.»


Luke Homer, American host family for Célia, 15 years, 1 month in the USA.

«We are so happy to have her here.»


Parents of Quitterie, 15 years, 3 weeks in the USA.

«We had a skype meeting with Quitterie yesterday. They are all going to Seattle for three days to visit as tourists…They are so lucky!!!»


Parents of Loys, 15 years, 1month in the USA.

«Loys will always remember his extraordinay trip to the USA. He has been so happy and regularly skypes Jared and his friends.»


Parents of Bertille, 16 years, 1 month in IRELAND.

«It will soon be 3 weeks that Bertille has been near Galway. Her news is quite spaced out, but always very positive. (the last news was 2 days ago). Many thanks to Mobiliteen for finding this precious family.»


Anouck, 17 years, 3 weeks in SPAIN.

«I have been very happy with my stay in Spain. My host family was very friendly and took great care of me throughtout my stay. They paid a lot of attention to me and took me to visit all that I felt like discovering. They even took me to the theatre.»


Sheryl, local correspondent, reporting about Julie’s one month stay in the USA.

«I met Julie today, who is staying with the Rivers family until early August. She is a very sweet girl, and is having a wonderful time with her host family»