Academic programmes in France


Our academic programme is for students aged 11 to 18 years old who are willing to experience French immersion and discover school life in France.
They are enrolled in a local French school and integrate a class with French students of similar age. They have compulsory and optional subjects.
Their stay can last from 1 to 10 months depending on the student’s preferences and availability.

We have two different school standards:

  • Regular schools are the typical city schools: public, private or semi-private. The majority of schools in France respond to these standards.
  • Premium schools are higher standard private schools with quality services and options; they are usually located in the city center.

We can offer 3 different locations, mainly situated in the West of France:

  • Brittany
  • Atlantic Loire valley
  • The Southwestern region of the Pyrenees (French mountain range)

Mobiliteen has several local representatives in these regions. They are close to the host families and personally support and supervise the participants.

Regarding transfers:

  • Nantes or Rennes airports for Brittany and Atlantic Loire valley.
  • Toulouse and Pau airports for the southwestern region.

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