Exchange programmes


6 months for children age 10 to 14

This is a one year exchange programme. The European child stays for 6 months abroad, and the foreign child will stay in Europe for the remaining half year.

The children are challenged to integrate themselves to the best of their ability, to accept the foreign lifestyle habits and make the most of their exchange. They should comprehend that they will need to adapt to the new family, not the other way around. The families on the other side take full responsibility for the foreign child and treat the child like one of their own – with all rights and responsibilities. The exchange child is part of the family – not a guest !

The children communicate regularly with their biological families, but it is recommended that this does not occur more than once a week. Visits back home would be counter-productive and are not encouraged. The host parents choose an appropriate school for the exchange student together with Aventuro.

The child continues to attend school, does his /her homework, writes exams etc. The free time is filled with hobbies, meeting friends, and of course the child spends holidays, weekends, parties and family reunions together with the host family.

The children should simply forget about their native language for 6 months in order to completely immerse themselves in the new language and its sound.

Flexible, up to 6 months for teenagers up to 17

Our exchange programme for teenagers differs mainly due to its flexibility in duration.

The procedure itself is similar to the one for younger children, but the duration and the timing of the exchange is determined by the families.

In other words: the maximum duration is 6 months, everything else is subject to personal preferences.

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